Grace 707 / 727 Tonearm Cables – Where to buy?

With the upcoming arrival of my new Grace 707 Tonearm, I realize that I need to get new interconnect cables to attach to the RCA jacks of the phono pre-amp. I was told by the seller, that the cables were not included. I didn’t think twice. That is until I started researching what kind of cables were needed to connect a Grace Tonearm to the RCAs. Turns out they are anything but standard.


Whereas a standard Rega arm would require a female 5-pin DIN plug that goes to an RCA finished end, the Grace arms actually have a reversed male 5-pin DIN. As well, the hot and cold are swapped on the pins. Bottom line, if you are missing the cable for your Grace tone arm you will have to find a specifically designed Grace-compliant cable to make it work. In most cases this would cost you $100+ or hours of painstaking soldering work. To my knowledge there is no other use for these interconnects in the sound industry, but luckily I have found a solution.

There is a fine gentle man who runs a site called Ultimate Cables. He make Grace compliant tonearm cable with silver series cable, Cardas din and Neutrik RCA plugs. On top of the high quality work, he sells them for the very reasonable price of $70 through his eBay store

Grace Cardas 5-pin DIN Male Tonearm Cable

Grace Cardas 5-pin DIN Male Tonearm Cable

Silver Series C4 Tonearm Cardas male- Neutrik rca
Starting at: $70.00
Ultimate silver series C4 cable.
6 conductors of 22 gauge with 2 shields.
Separate ground.
Beautiful black outer nylon wrap.
Cardas male 5 pin din with high quality sleeve.
High quality electro-plated gold Neutrik RCA plugs(color coded red/black).
1.2 Meter standard length.

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